The Latest Updates on Spring Farm Parkway for Menangle Park Residents

Transport NSW have recently announced some exciting updates with respect to Stage 1 of the Spring Farm Parkway project,a significant infrastructure development set to enhance connectivity and accessibility in the region, and provide easy access to the Hume Highway.

Spring Farm Parkway Latest Updates:

April 2024 – June 2024

Progress has continued on the Spring Farm Parkway Stage 1, with significant advancements achieved over the last few months. To stay notified with the latest developments visit the Spring Farm Parkway project page.

  • Key elements of the east to west bridge link over the Hume Motorway have been constructed, including the pouring of the concrete deck and installation of bridge safety barriers.
  • In the coming months, residents can expect to witness the project taking shape as workers proceed with final road resurfacing, installation of permanent road signage, line-marking, and the transition of traffic onto the newly constructed road.
  • From April 2024, as the project nears completion, the final road pavement, resurfacing the road, and installing the permanent line-marking and guard rail will need to be built across the project. This will result in further traffic changes and impacts along the Hume Motorway and Menangle Road.

Features of The Project

  • A new four lane divided road extending about 1km from Menangle Road, west over the Hume Motorway to Menangle Park Urban Release Area.
  • Upgrade 600m of Menangle Road at Menangle Park including a new signalised intersection at the Spring Farm Parkway.

Benefits for Residents & Future Residents of Menangle Park

The benefit of the new of Spring Farm Parkway for Menangle Park residents is multifaceted and is expected to reduce travel times by approximately 15 minutes, alleviating congestion on existing roads, and enhancing connectivity within the region, enhancing livability, connection and convenience. This improved connectivity will make it easier for future residents to access employment centres, schools, healthcare facilities, and other essential services in the region, enhancing livability, connection and convenience. .

This essential infrastructure fosters community development and plays a crucial role in shaping the future prosperity of Menangle Park and its residents.

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More information can be found via the Transport NSW Community Update.